Pet Dog Manners Class Series

All training is reward based, classes are outdoors and class size is kept small to ensure lots of individual attention. Participants receive a certificate upon successful completion. A long line is required and a flat collar or harness.

Pet Dog Manners classes are not suitable for dogs with behavioral issues: please contact us for training specific to the needs of dogs with behavioral issues.

Level one: 

This is for beginner dogs of any age. Owners are taught how to teach their dogs to walk nicely on leash (loose leash walking); to sit, down and stand on cue; to come when called and to leave items alone when asked (leave it). Owners will learn when to reward and how to recognize different signals dogs use to communicate with us and with one another. Participants will need a six foot fixed length leash, a comfortable harness or flat collar for the dog and high value treats.

Courses are 6 weeks long, 45 minute weekly classes , limited to 6 dogs and handlers per class. $154.35 including GST.   

Sunday November 3rd at 10 am until 1045 am outdoors in Roberts Creek.  Class dates are Nov 3, 17,24, Dec 1,8,and 15

(No classes Nov 10th- Remembrance Day weekend).


Next course:  Sunday, January 5th at 10:00 to 10:45 am in Roberts Creek. 

Dates are Jan 5,12,19,26 and Feb 2 and 9 .

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Level two “Street Smarts”:

This intermediate course is held in a variety of outdoor locations as we build up the “three D’s” of training: (1) duration which is building up the length of time a dog can hold a sit, a down, a stand or pursue a track or search; (2) distance which is the distance at which a dog can do an exercise; and (3) distractions which are things like the presence of other dogs, livestock, children, interesting scents, noise etc (whatever the individual dog finds distracting). In this course, we add teaching the “tug toy” game which adds another reward for dogs. Teaching the tugtoy game does not make dogs aggressive- rather it is something dogs very much enjoy.  A group of dogs participating in a study on the effects of playing tug toy were more attentive after the play sessions! Here is a link to a study done on the game of tug toy and dogs.

We work in a variety of locations teaching the dog to generalize the training (i.e.: that sit means to sit whether he or she is in your living room or on the sidewalk or in a park for example). In addition to working in different locations, we build up the length of time the dog does exercises. Participants learn about polite greetings between dogs and how to set your dog up for success this way.

Courses are 6 weeks long, 45 minute weekly classes , limited to 6 dogs and handlers per class. $154.35 including GST.

A long line and a tug toy is required for class.

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Level three “Out and About”:

This course is held outdoors in a variety of locations incuding beaches, trails and off-leash dog parks. Building on the skills developed in levels one and two, we put it all together in level three. Owners will learn how to teach their dogs to respond to cues in areas with increased distractions, at increasing distances and for longer periods of time.  Courses are 6 weeks long, 45 minute weekly classes , limited to 6 dogs and handlers per class. $154.35 including GST.


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