Hoopers is a fun, low impact, free flowing sport where dogs learn to run through hoops, tunnels, over mats and around barrels . The equipment itself is low impact, and courses are designed to ensure dogs can run them smoothly.

Hoopers is very inclusive ! It’s breed inclusive with dogs from very tiny breeds and mixes to giant dogs joining in the fun. It is inclusive of dogs who may have physical challenges as long as it is safe for the dog to participate. It is inclusive of handlers who may need accommodation to join the fun with their dog. It is a great way to teach your dog off leash control and fun for dogs and their people alike!

All training is reward training so come to class with treats and toys! Equipment is minimal and the hoops are easy to make and inexpensive using items from your local building store and hoops from the dollar store. Barrels can be found locally as can matts.

Learn how to teach your dog to navigate hoops and tunnels , to spin on cue and more. You will need a toy your dog loves, a long line, and lots of very high value treats.

As the teams progress there is opportunity to get “Titles” on your dogs (optional of course) to show your dog has mastered the various levels of Hoopers like the dogs above have.

CLASS FULL Next beginners course starts May 28th at 10 am for six consecutive weeks (weather permitting). Class dates are May 28, Jun 4, 11,18, 25 and July 2nd REGISTER 

Note: due to  COVID restrictions, only one person can attend class with each enrolled dog. Human numbers are limited to 6 per class including the instructor.