Perfect Puppy Parenting

We are happy to announce the book PPPPerfect Puppy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Your Puppy to be a Happy, Confident, Well-Behaved Adult Dog is now available.

Chapters Include:

Choosing Your Puppy, Stages of Development and Socialization, Preparing for Your Puppy, The Puppy and The Family, Socialization, Puppy Safety, Choosing Professionals, Canine Communication, Stress, Unwanted Behaviour, Reward Based Training, and Games to Play with Your Puppy.

Plus checklists for:
• What do I Need for the Puppy?
• Daily Routine
• Socialization Checklist
• Common Hazards to Puppies
• Foods and Other Materials Toxic to Dogs if Eaten
• Clicker Training.

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Assessing and Interpreting Dog Behaviours 

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 7.45.59 PMWe are pleased to announce that our training course  “Assessing and Interpreting Dog Behaviors “ has been added to the Canadian Police Knowledge Network  ( – the online training source for law enforcement and EMS. This course was developed for Front line Police Officers, Civilian Members of Police Services, Law Enforcement Community (e.g. by-law officers, animal control officers), Fire Fighters/EMS, Private Security, Social Services.

The goal of the course is to create safe, successful, and humane encounters with dogs for emergency and service personnel when they encounter unknown dogs through the course of their duties.

Participants learn what contributes to the appearance of aggressive behaviour in dogs and how to assess and interpret dog body language, and how to diffuse potentially difficult dog encounters through body language. The course includes an explanation of  what to do if a dog continues to behave aggressively, despite attempts to diffuse the situation.

Jane Bowers of Dogs of Distinction provided the content and worked with Linda Waddell of who developed the course and provided invaluable expertise in bringing the course to fruition (and was fabulous to work with!).

Visit to take the course.