Here are some links to helpful resources and products for dog owners:

Products and reviews: 

The Greencone dog waste digester- this is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of dog and cat waste and small kitchen waste. Available through Gibsons Zero Waste Solutions.

Calming Caps:  great for keeping dogs calm on car rides or in situations where they may be overwhelmed.

The Muzzle Up Project:  A great resource with lots of information regarding muzzles and muzzle training.

Muzzle Training and Tips :  A great resource for making sure your dog’s muzzle fits well and that he or she can pant in it.

2018 Whole Dog Journal Review of front attaching harnesses- front attaching harnesses have come a long way and now there are lots to choose from.

Tellington Touch UK harnesses

TTouch Harmony Harness

Momentum harness (available  at local pet stores on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada)

Explore harness(available  at local pet stores on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada)


Missing Animal Response Network         This is a great resource for how to find your missing pet and how to reach a trained professional to help! Training is also available through this site.

St John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program I receive alot of requests for information therapy dog certification and work. St John’s Ambulance is a great resource. This is from their website:” St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs are part of a team consisting of a volunteer handler and their pet companion dog.  These teams have undergone screening for suitability that includes criminal record checks, references, dog evaluations and canine vaccinations.  Our members are volunteers that dedicate their personal time to bring the companionship of a dog to those that would benefit from some comfort and touch from a canine. “.


Nutriscan   This food sensitivity test was developed by a well respected and world-renowned veterinarian Dr. Jean Dofdds, and is easy to administer and results come to you and your vet. I have used it on the recommendation of my vet and found the results detailed and helpful.  From the website :  “Nutriscan, the novel patented salivary-based food sensitivity and intolerance test offers a reliable and clinically predictive alternative to food elimination trials, serum-based food allergy testing, and skin patch testing. Two completed, double-blinded clinical trial studies validated the test and affirmed its clinical utility.”.