Behavior Modification (note: private in person outdoor and online training is currently available).

sadie guarding boneIf one on one sessions work better for you private training is available or if your dog exhibits a behavior that indicates he or she has an issue that needs remedying, working with a certified behavioral consultant is the recommended approach.

Many factors influence the behavior of a dog. Certainly breed or breeds influence behavior. Scent hounds are interested in scent, herding dogs are triggered to chase  moving things (bikes, skateboards etc), some breeds are bred to be more interested in things in the environment than in working with humans (livestock guardian breeds, terriers).

Nutrition plays a role in the behavior of an individual as does the state of health and structure of the dog.

The condition, care, nutrition and experiences of the dam while she is carrying puppies influence her offspring. The post natal experiences of the puppies are important too.  Puppies that are kept in isolation have a much harder time accepting new things as they grow and a greater chance of growing up to be anxious and possibly aggressive adult dogs, while puppies who are introduced to new things like sight, sound, smell at appropriate stages of development are much more accepting of the world and increase the odds the puppy will grow up to be stable, safe dogs.

Temperament testing can help predict a great match between a dog and a home.

Research has shown that a combination of training a new behavior, managing the dog’s environment, de-sensitizing a dog to a stimulus or situation , addressing any health or nutritional issues can significantly change the behavior of a dog.

Unwanted behavior is often the result of anxiety and fear. Force-free training methods are the fastest and most effective methods of changing behavior in a dog. Please see my blog and my monthly pet column for information on scientific studies on the effectiveness of training methods.

I am a certified behavioral consultant and trainer with many years of experience. I also have dogs trained to work with dogs who are reactive toward other dogs and can help your dog overcome the anxiety around other dogs. Sessions are available online and in person.

Sessions are 1 hour and $99.75 (incl GST) per hour. Prepaid packages are also available with an hourly discount: 6 sessions for $535.00 incl GST (sessions must be completed within 14 weeks of purchase) and 10 sessions for 840.00 incl GST (sessions must be completed within 20 weeks of purchase).

If you need help with your dog please contact me: or book now.