We have two lovely dogs, both of whom struggle with somewhat challenging behaviours: our oldest has a lifelong issue of anxiety and reactivity around other dogs and the other is a rescue who wasn’t properly socialized as a puppy, so his unbridled enthusiasm can be a bit much for dogs and humans alike. We tried a few other trainers to get these behaviours in check, but they all seemed to come from the “alpha domination” school of training which has never worked for our dogs, as it only made them more anxious. Jane, however, was different; she is less interested in domination than in understanding, and our dogs responded instantly. She taught us to pay closer attention to their cues, their emotional contexts, and their environment; she helped us see how to address behaviours before they ramped up into problems. The training was fun and consistent, and Jane’s knowledge is deep and wide; she’s informed on the latest animal behaviour science and adapts her methods to the best science. Most of all, she respects the animals and our connection to them, and her training has helped us be better two-legged friends to our four-legged companions, and the household (and our walks!) are calmer and more enjoyable as a result. The change was immediate, and best of all it’s been lasting; we’ve seen significant and ongoing progress as a result of Jane’s teaching, and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful for her positive impact on our dogs and our home. She’s the real deal!

Daniel and Kent

I approached Jane Bowers because we had recently brought home an older puppy that wasn’t meshing well with our young adult dog.  We had seen some possible aggression with the older dog toward the new puppy that we weren’t comfortable with – especially since we have three young kids. As well, we had an incident with our vet and the older dog. During a visit for shots our dog showed aggression to the vet.   We love our dog and were shocked by what we saw, but also confused.  We weren’t sure whether we actually had an aggressive dog or if we had a scared dog or if we were missing something entirely about our beloved dog’s sudden new behaviour.
During the very first phone call with Jane she helped me by explaining that the behaviours our dog was displaying were totally normal and not actually aggressive.  After just that one phone call, I felt better about having our dog interact with our kids and the puppy. I knew we had a bit of work to do with our dog, but he was part of our family and absolutely worth it.
We had Jane come over to our home for 6 or 7 weeks for an hour and teach us cues, signals and ways to help our dog become better able to interact with both the new pup and the vet. The result was that we now have a better understanding our of dog’s behaviour, we’re better equipped to be dog owners and we have been able to help our dog overcome some issues he had with the veterinary office.
One thing I liked was Jane’s easy, approachable communication style.  For as knowledgeable as she is about dogs and their behaviour, Jane could be very arrogant – but she’s just the opposite.  She listens intently, shares her perspective and gives an opportunity for open dialogue and discussion.  She was easily able to show us how to apply the information in practice with both of our dogs as well as our children.
I found the experience of working with Jane to be incredibly positive – I have absolutely no complaints or areas for improvement to suggest with Jane.  I also have zero hesitation in recommend Jane to any dog owner interested in better understanding their dog’s behaviour and looking for ways to better train and connect with them.
Since working with Jane we have happy, well-adjusted dogs that are truly part of our family.

-Christina Stewart