About Us


We believe that training should be enjoyable for the dog and their guardian!  Learning should be free of pain and anxiety so we do not use things such as prong or pinch collars, electric shock, alpha rolls, spray bottles, choke chains or any other equipment or treatment that would elicit fear or anxiety in the dog nor do we allow them in classes. We use flat collars, humane harnesses and leashes and long-lines and REWARDS!.

 Sometimes behavior issues arise because the dog is of a breed that has been selected over many generations to do certain tasks like herding or guarding and the dog is in a situation where he does not have the opportunity to do what his breed was selected to do and undesirable behaviors begin. For this reason Jane offers herding and nose work classes for family dogs.

All training is paced to fit the needs of the dog and their guardian.

We also believe that dogs need to be in optimal health to respond well to training and behavior modification and, for that reason, we may ask you and your dog to visit your veterinarian before embarking on a training or behavior modification program.If we believe a change in behavior may be the result of a change in health ( ie- house-marking as a result of a urinary infection or sudden reactivity because  the dog is experiencing pain), then we recommend the dog sees their veterinarian.

Good nutrition is important for any dog. For this reason, Jane keeps up to date on the latest information on nutrition and supplements through reading and by taking certification courses regularly so that the most recent information on nutrition for all stages of life is available.

About Jane:  

Jane Bowers has been training dogs for over two decades. She teaches people to train their dogs in group and private training courses and has a keen interest in assisting dogs with behavioral issues.  She is a strong advocate for force free humane training methods for all animals.

Jane has a degree in psychology and is certified as a dog trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Pet Dog Trainers and as a behaviour consultant through the International Association of Behavior Consultants and through the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals. These organizations require a minimum number of continuing education units be obtained to retain certification. She is also a professional member of The Pet Professional Guild, an organization committed to force free training of animals and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.  Jane is a certified Fear Free trainer .

Jane also is a certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator and an accredited BCSPCA AnimalKind Trainer.

She also is a certified missing pet technician and a member of the Missing Pet Partnership.

She graduated from the Advanced Veterinary Homeopathy program with the British Institute of Homeopathy in 2010, and from David Thompson University with a diploma in Advanced Animal Welfare. She is also certified in Pet First Aid through St. John’s Ambulance  and through DogSafe Canine First Aid.

Jane taught “Keeping Your Dog Safe” at Langara College (Vancouver, B.C.) in the Langara Professional Dog Walking Program  . Jane has a monthly column on animal related topics called “PetSmarts” with the newspaper The Local Weekly and is a monthly guest blogger with 4Knines. She has been published in Dogington Post, The Scoop, Animal Adventures and in The Furbearer Defenders publications. She also was a former co-host and guest on the live call in TV show “Animal World“.

Jane is the “subject matter expert” and  “content provider” for the on-line course “Assessing and Interpreting Dog Behaviourswhich is a course created with course developer Linda Waddell, Tecknowledg-e Learning Inc  . It is hosted by the Canadian Police Knowledge Network. The goal of the course is to provide safe, successful, humane encounters with dogs for for emergency and service personnel when they encounter unknown dogs in the course of their duties. This course provides knowledge about how to interpret and assess dog behaviors and provides tactics to diffuse potential risks. It is for Front-line Police Officers, Civilian Members of Police Services,  Law Enforcement Community (Bylaw Officers, Animal Control Officers), Fire Fighters, EMS, Private Security and Social Services._HIL9580

Jane is also the author of “Perfect Puppy Parenting” , a manual on how to raise your new puppy to be the best adult dog they can be. This manual guides owners on how to choose a puppy and breeder or rescue organization , how to raise and train the puppy and how to choose professionals. It is available on Amazon here: Perfect Puppy Parenting

Jane spent 17 years working for Customs Border Services and in joint teams with US Homeland Security and the RCMP.  She spent a further 8 years working as an Animal Control Officer and Bylaw Enforcement Officer for large and small municipalities.

Jane lives on a small farm with dogs, sheep, donkeys, and chickens. The dogs each came from situations that prevented them from living in their original homes. The dogs range in size and age and assist with the dog training and behavioral work, whether it’s participating in the development of an online training course, working with a client’s dog or tracking a lost pet or animal.